A group of Bryant students walk by the Archway.

Bryant Profiles

Bryant's student-centered learning environment, a culture of mentorship, and a wide variety of co-curricular experiences inspire you to discover your passion and excel. Find out how in these profiles of our students and alumni.
Ryan Drohan ’17, ’24MSAS
Ryan Drohan ’17, ’24MSAS

“The professors have been very helpful. If there’s anything that you don’t know in terms of advanced actuarial math, they will be there for you. If you come in with an open mind and motivation to get into the field — and you have a base level of knowledge — this will be a fantastic program for you.”

Christy Mak '25
Christy Mak '25

"Bryant’s interdisciplinary approach — encouraging students to be skilled in different areas and be more well-rounded — appealed to me. I didn’t see this in the other colleges I applied to."

Antonio Reisopoulos ’19, ’22 MSPAS, PA-C
Antonio Reisopoulos ’19, ’22 MSPAS

“I was able to get into a career that I really wanted to do in a shorter period. We get to work at the top of our license in Rhode Island — we have some of the most progressive legislation nationwide for PAs. I get to work in an environment where I’m constantly learning and feel like a peer to other medical providers.”

Jess Maffe '25
Jess Maffe '25

"Bryant has this charm about it. You step on campus and just feel this overwhelming sense of belonging, like you're meant to be here."

Maddy Poetto '26
Maddy Poetto '26

"The science classes are on the smaller side, so it’s easy for the science majors to know each other well. It’s been helpful to have a lot of familiar faces in class; we help each other out throughout the semester." 

Nina Karlin '24
Nina Karlin '24

"If you have an idea, just go with it and see where it takes you. Don’t be afraid to fail. You're going to learn from it."

Jett Duval '24
Jett Duval '24

"It’s a very tight-knit community. There are lots of one-on-one interactions with faculty."

Katelyn Howerton '25
Katelyn Howerton '25

"There truly is something for everyone here, and the small population allows for close relationships to be made with faculty and peers alike."

Olivia Soffey '26
Olivia Soffey '26

"Writing has always been my passion. I’m a storyteller at heart ... I’ve [also] learned a lot about marketing and putting yourself out there. That’s a huge part of being successful in the publishing industry."

Melanie Auclair ’22, ’23 MBA
Melanie Auclair ’22, ’23 MBA

“Accounting is like the backbone of business where a lot of different decisions come from a financial aspect. By understanding that and applying it to other roles, you can go into so many different avenues.”

Owen Sawyer 24
Owen Sawyer '24

"When I was looking at the research interests of the professors I would be studying under, I was really impressed that an institution known for business had such a talented politics and law faculty."

Justin Try
Justin Try '24

"Bryant has a supportive community, a close-knit environment, and amazing financial and business programs."

Audrey Jones
Audrey Jones '24

"I chose Bryant because of the business program. With the great network of alumni, I could see that no matter what major I chose, a good job opportunity would be available."

Chase Konstantakos '24
Chase Konstantakos ’24

"I chose Bryant because I loved the business program, and I was excited to develop my career in business. It stood out, too, because of its beautiful campus and facilities."

Olivia Angelo '24
Olivia Angelo '24

"I wanted to do international relations or some type of marketing, but when I applied to Bryant and saw global supply chain as an option, I felt that it went hand in hand."

Zeke Kransdorf
Zeke Kransdorf '25

"I chose Bryant because of the opportunities it offered me regarding my dream career in sports broadcasting. I really liked the smaller class sizes because it gave me an opportunity to get to know my professors in a way that wouldn’t be possible at other schools."

Andrea Cortes '26
Andrea Cortes '26

"My high school accounting teacher ... is a Bryant alum and would tell us about finance as a career and all the options it would give us. He encouraged me to go to Bryant and helped me through the process."

Jack Wagstaff '26
Jack Wagstaff '26

"I'm studying social media in ways I never would have thought possible. ... I would highly recommend Bryant as a school for both business and the arts."

Gracey Gioioso '25
Gracey Gioioso '25

"After I toured Bryant, I fell in love with the campus and felt at home. I saw myself fitting in and being able to succeed."

Shania Watson '26
Shania Watson '26

"I chose Bryant because I felt a sense of belonging as soon as I stepped onto campus."

Madison Tirrell '25
Madison Tirrell '25

"I chose Bryant because of the Communication Department. The professors have good reviews and a passionate teaching style. The required classes for digital communication were exactly what I wanted and sounded fun."

Steph Kotropoulos '26
Steph Kotropoulos '26

"Bryant allows me to explore both paths of education — behavioral science and business — in a more cohesive way."

Jason Ferrero sits with a career advisor in Bryant's Amica Center for Career Education.
Jason Ferrero '26

"I chose a data science degree due to its versatility, which extends beyond the traditional business field. I can leverage it across industries."

Marcus Moody '24
Marcus Moody '24

"The impact of data science is only increasing as concepts such as AI and algorithms become more prevalent in industries and daily life."

Samantha Mendez '24
Samantha Mendez '24

"Bryant’s psychology program is a close community. The faculty are beyond supportive and have had a positive impact on my time at Bryant."

Kasey Thomas '23
Kasey Thomas ’23

“No other school had a career program like Bryant’s. When I started looking for an internship, I didn’t know where to begin. I was able to sit down with one of the career counselors at the Amica Center, and they walked me through the process and looked over my resume. They were really helpful.”

Brandan Coward '24
Brandan Coward ’24

“I knew I wanted to do something with business, and I always liked being in a leader-type of role. Then my minor is biotechnology. … I could manage a hospital from a business perspective.”

Alexandra Meise '22
Alexandra Meise ’22

“Being more of an artsy person, a literature person, I liked the philosophical side of management. Management is about understanding people, hearing their stories, and bringing them together.”

Kayla Batalha '22
Kayla Batalha ’22

“The literary and cultural studies program taught me to approach the world through a critical lens. They are so incredibly empathetic and welcoming. You aren’t just learning the material, but you’re learning their perspective, their experiences, and they’re learning from yours.”

Paul Theriault '22
Paul Theriault ’22

“You get to practice what you’re learning, and you get to partner with companies and have a real impact on organizations while also developing your skills. You’re not just learning concepts. You are applying the concepts you learn to what you’re doing.”

Patty Adesanya '23
Patty Adesanya ’23

“After taking HR classes, I realized I’m a people person. I like to see how you can use training and development to make someone better. That resonates with me.”

Liam Fluharty '23
Liam Fluharty ’23

“Leadership and innovation stood out to me for how it might help me in the future, with learning how to adapt. It was a unique degree and drew me in.”

Jake Williams '23
Jake Williams ’23

“We’re top ranked in business, top ranked in athletics, and in the top 1% for ROI, but we’re also so much more. Sometimes people call Bryant a hidden gem. I think it should be recognized as the gold standard for higher education.”

Katelyn Caldarone '24
Katelyn Caldarone ’24

“I was particularly drawn to Bryant because of the small class sizes and many opportunities to get real-world experience. The small classes have offered me opportunities to really get to know my professors. They know me by name, show genuine interest in my goals, and advocate for my success.”

Joey Leszczynski '23
Joey Leszczynski ’23

“Bryant helps students thrive and develop their passions. I really found that Bryant fit well with my multifaceted identity. Being somebody who is interested in immunology and epidemiology, but also fashion and communication, I found that Bryant allows you to do so much and not burn yourself out.”

Ethan Hayes '23
Ethan Hayes ’23

“For kids who are passionate about going into creative fields, you have to teach the stuff they need to know and can’t figure out themselves, which is the business side. If you don’t have that education, you’re not going to be as successful.”

Kylie Truong '23
Kylie Truong ’23

“I really feel like Bryant prepared me for the next chapter of my life. Bryant has given me the tools and resources I need to get internships at a professional level. As a student, I was able to complete three different internships at three different companies.”

Zachary Zambarano '23
Zachary Zambarano ’23

“Bryant truly helped me develop my passion for accounting, supported my career development and interview skills, and ultimately helped get me a full-time job as a tax staff member at Citrin Cooperman.”

Danielle Chisholm '23
Danielle Chisholm ’23

“I’ve had two internships, one with Fidelity and one with UKG, that I was able to get through the Amica Center. They gave me a lot of help with my resume and the job search and all of the other things that go into starting a career.”

Colby Phillips '23
Colby Phillips ’23

“One of the things I’m thankful for about my Bryant education is being able to develop as a leader and learn a lot about actuarial mathematics throughout my four years. The faculty and staff here have really supported me in my learning and my development. They want you to succeed and help you become an expert in your profession.”

Cianni Thomas '23
Cianni Thomas ’23

“I’m really grateful for my Bryant education because it’s made me realize that I have a lot of options when it comes to career pathways. I’m interested in human resource management, and I also really like event planning and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bryant has made me realize that I can do anything.”

Jordan Smith 23
Jordan Smith ’23

“After college I’ll be moving to San Francisco and working as an actuary analyst for Uber. Bryant has really prepared me for that career. There are always professors who are willing to help you and amazing resources to ensure your success.”

Connor Lofstrom '25
Connor Lofstrom ’25

“When Bryant introduced healthcare analytics, it sparked my interest. I hope to work in the medical industry helping to optimize hospital efficiency and increase the quality of patient care, indirectly making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Danielle Latty ’24
Danielle Latty ’24

“Bryant has taught me to be an exceptional leader, and we really emphasize experiential learning. I’ve learned how to lead a group of people and how to understand people, and I’ve taken that with me in everything that I’ve done.”

Natalie Sims ’25
Natalie Sims ’25

“I chose IB because of the requirement to study abroad. I really love traveling and am excited to study in Spain in the fall.”

Odette Mansour ’24
Odette Mansour ’24

“I wanted a close-knit community that resembled my upbringing in Lebanon — a school that would support me in becoming a trailblazer in my profession. I chose Bryant because it felt like home from the day I stepped onto campus.”

Miranda Pena ’23
Miranda Pena ’23

“I organized lots of fundraisers back home, and when I took my first project management class, I realized everything I’ve been doing to run those is actually a career. It’s something I love and have been doing all along.”

Patrick Roth
Patrick Roth ’24

“I’ve been able to study business and liberal arts at the same time through the international business program and my concentration of marketing. I’ve learned about the different focuses of business, from management to finance and accounting, while also combining the history, culture, and foreign language aspects of international business.”

Kevin Niranjan ’24
Kevin Niranjan ’24

“When I came for Admitted Student Open House, I got to meet some of the math professors. They talked about different learning styles and teaching methods. They were really invested in the students and talked about giving extra help in office hours. I liked that small school atmosphere.”

Ramsha Gul ’25
Ramsha Gul ’25

“Everyone is so welcoming, and they are ready to help you with whatever you need. My professors know me by name and what I want to do in my career and life. Bryant will make sure that you never feel alone or lost here.”

Giana Amaral '24
Giana Amaral ’24

“International business is something I’ve always wanted to do. I knew that Bryant had a really good program, and I liked that you had to study abroad as part of the curriculum. I also like the 99% success rate. I’m a first-generation student, so it was important to me to know I would have a job after graduation.”

Taryn Rauff ’22
Taryn Rauff ’22

“Bryant has helped me succeed a lot academically. I’ve also built close relationships with my professors, who gave me research opportunities and furthered my understanding about biology. I don’t think I would have had as many of those opportunities in another school. I’ve been very grateful for that support.”

Nidhi Murli ’21, ’23 MBA
Nidhi Murli ’21, ’23 MBA

“When you come to a new country as an international student, you don’t know anything. The culture is completely different. Bryant has been great because I never felt homesick or bored. My professors helped me gain confidence. They helped me find my place at Bryant and made me who I am today.”

Luke Ascoli '23 MBA
Luke Ascoli ’23 MBA

“I liked the quality of the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics so much that I decided to get my MBA. The certificate plugged right into the MBA, so I didn’t have to take those courses again. It was the perfect pathway for me.”

Keith Kosoff '23 MBA
Keith Kosoff ’23 MBA

“No matter where you are in your career, you need to stay ahead and learn. I went to college many years ago. This program has been a great experience to refresh and stimulate different ways of thinking. It’s made me better in the way I approach my profession.”

Danielle Palmer '24 MBA
Danielle Palmer ’24 MBA

“I love the experience of working with other professionals. Not only am I making connections with my professors, but I’m also making connections with my classmates. You really get a sense of community in addition to the experience of getting your degree.”  

John Marotte '23 MBA
John Marotte ’23 MBA

“Everything that Bryant has done for me, the way I’m treated, and the resources that I’m given, it’s like I’m being set up for success already. Everybody is working to support me. Giving up my time this one year I know will pay off in the end.”

Jared Jenkins '23 MBA
Jared Jenkins ’23 MBA

“Bryant gives you a very well-rounded look into all parts of business in a short amount of time. There’s nothing in this program that is busywork. It’s really designed for the working professional. It’s a great community that supports each other.”

Vandit Gupta ’21, MBA’23
Vandit Gupta ’21, ’23 MBA

“My specialization is a STEM program, which allows me to extend my work after graduating. This is nice for international students looking to gain work experience in the U.S. Bryant’s focus on STEM programs is really beneficial for international students.”

Quintin Hoch-Bullen '22 MBA
Quintin Hoch-Bullen ’22 MBA

“I would recommend Bryant to anyone. I had a great experience, and there is a wonderful community at Bryant. Consider taking the MBA program, expanding your knowledge, meeting new people, and putting yourself out there — because it will give you a leg up on your next step in life.”

A headshot of Michael Pepin.
Michael Pepin '20

“I've taken courses ranging from biochemistry to anatomy and physiology to physics, which is a great preparation for medical school. I've had so much support helping me along the way. Everyone at Bryant wants to help students achieve their goals.”

A headshot of Zachary Richardson.
Zachary Richardson '21

“There’s value to an education like this, even beyond the business things I’m learning. I want to be an educated member of society, and going to a university like Bryant helps you develop your understanding of the world and how you see life.”

A headshot of Hannah Sheldon.
Hannah Sheldon '20

“The professors are so excited about what they do and want to share it. They want to work with you and want you to be excited about what you're learning as well. Working with an economist gave me a new perspective on the process of economic research. It’s a real differentiator.”

A headshot of Rachel Lagasse.
Rachel Lagasse '19

“One reason I picked Bryant was because I wasn’t sure what area of business I wanted to go into. I chose to go to Bryant because it was a very good business school, and I knew that whatever I chose would be a good option.”

A headshot of Kai-Lou Yue.
Kai-Lou Yue ’20

“Through all of my experiences at Bryant — working in the lab, being part of the Honors Program, my leadership positions — I became much more confident, and that really changed me for the better."

A headshot of Breanna Tulig.
Breanna Tulig ’20

“I didn't think that I could ever learn to program. It just seemed like something that was so far beyond me. But the way my professor taught the class and the availability he had — I visited his office every single week — helped me find my passion for it.”

A headshot of Thobani Nxumalo.
Thobani Nxumalo '19

“Coming to Bryant is a great opportunity to step out of the bubble that you’re in now. It’s very challenging, but also rewarding in the sense that you’ll be more equipped to be a better person in business. You will also learn about yourself and your role within society, and how to best execute that role.”

A headshot of Stephanie Lherisson.
Stephanie Lherisson '19

“I'm really passionate about equality and equity, and I want to help people find common ground, especially at a time when there's so much division. I want to be a voice for people who have no voice.”

A headshot of Emily Katz.
Emily Katz '20

“We all have a really strong connection, and we help each other when we struggle. That’s what I love about Bryant — everyone comes together here to support each other.”