The Unistructure at 鶹Ӱ

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Strategy

OIES provides leadership access to comprehensive, useful, and informative data and analysis designed to assist in decision-making, planning, evaluation, operational and strategic initiatives, and accreditation.

Institutional Effectiveness and Strategy (OIES) supports the mission of 鶹Ӱ by providing survey assistance to university personnel. OIES:

  • Fosters the use of sound and innovative methods to gather, generate, analyze, report, and manage data.
  • Provides accurate, consistent, relevant, and timely information that is accessible to internal and external constituencies.
  • Facilitates the integration of this information into institutional decision-making, policy development and strategic planning processes.
  • Facilitates cross-divisional integration and efficiencies by data sharing and governance.
  • Transforms data into useful information.


Bryant Data Hub is for authorized internal users only. If you have questions about accessing the Bryant Data Hub or need more information, contact Yuchen Wang (



The office receives many requests and tries to accommodate as many as can be managed alongside its regular work cycle and staff capacity.  The forms below helps us to manage our ability to provide survey assistance, although we cannot guarantee we can support all requests.


Before making these requests, please note that OIES only provides survey support to users with official Bryant Qualtrics accounts.  

Note: To prevent survey fatigue and survey duplication, some surveys may require , Divisional level approval, or both, depending on the size and scope of the requested survey.